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The Sanding & Sealing Process

Updated: May 7, 2020

The final part of building a driveway is the sanding and sealing process. We use a smooth kiln dried sand which is brushed into the joints between blocks in order to lock them in, ensuring no movement. The colour of this sand is dependant on the customers preferences and the colour of the blocks as well.

Whilst brushing the sand over the blocks we leave a small layer over the top of them, this is to ensure that during the next part of the process, the whacking and compressing part, no blocks are damaged. Once all the joints are filled with sand we move onto the Whacking Stage. Using a vibrating whacker plate we vibrate and compress down the blocks, keeping the blocks locked in place. After this we then brush off the remaining sand, leaving a driveway that is finally ready to be driven and parked on.

The next part is optional, however we always strongly recommend it - the Sealing stage. We spray Pics Block Paver Sealent over the entire driveway, giving it 2 thick coats. This improves the quality and appearance of the driveway massively. Not only does it enhance the colour of the blocks, making them look more vibrant, it also helps prevent stains from oils or other liquids.

After the drive has been sealed it can be walked on within 30 minutes to an hour, depending on weather, and parked on after 24 hours. And that's it, your new driveway is complete, ready to use and looking great!

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