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Golden Gate Park

CAD Design Service

Helping you visualise your dream driveway or garden with our bespoke Landscape Design Service software

CAD Design Service: Features


One of the hardest parts of choosing your ideal garden or driveway is actually trying to visualise it. Understandably it can be difficult trying to picture the massive transformation a new driveway or patio can have on your property. During our first meeting with you, Mannmade Drives & Designs director David Mann will personally discuss the needs and desires you have for your outdoor space, whilst making suggestions about how best to utilise the available area, using our 30 years of experience and knowledge. When we have a good idea of what we think you are looking for we then take a few measurements of the area and produce a quick sketch to get a rough idea of the overall project.

Letting you see your new garden, before we've even started it

This is where our bespoke Landscape Design Service can help. We offer an optional extra CAD Design Service for a small fee, which is deductible from your final quotation if you decide to accept. By using the latest industry standard CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, we can turn that hand drawn sketch into a stunning scaled A3 full colour illustration of exactly how your dream project will look, helping you to not only fully visualise the project, but also allowing you to tailor it to your exact specifications if it's not completely perfect. Our drawings utilise the latest Vectorworks software, used by professionals all over the landscaping and architectural industry. The Illustration not only shows you an accurate to scale representation of your future garden or driveway, but also includes examples of the products that we will possibly be using.


The Final Product

When the Illustration is complete we print it in high quality full colour A3 sized paper, wrapped in a binder and also including our cover sheet and your free, no obligation quote. This will then be delivered for you to review. If everything is in order and you're happy to proceed then we'll provide you with a confirmation and a provisional start date of when we can begin creating your dream outdoor space.

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